Lesson Fees

There are three options for lesson scheduling and payment. Regardless of method, there are no registration fees.

1) FULL TERMS – Regular Scheduled Weekly Lessons

Full Term 30 Minute Lesson (18 Lessons Per Term) – $345.00 CDN
Full Term 60 Minute Lessons (18 Lessons Per Term) – $680.00 CDN

  • There are 2 Terms (18 Lessons per Term) in the school year
  • Lessons are paid for in advance to secure your spot
  • Installment Payment Option may be arranged

2) MONTHLY – Regular Scheduled Weekly Lessons

30 Minute Lesson (4 or 5 lessons a month) – $20.00 CDN per lesson
60 Minute Lessons (4 or 5 lessons a month) – $40.00 CDN per lesson


These are perfect for extra study, or book a few sessions to work on something specific

Per Single 30 Minute Lesson – $25.00 CDN
Per Single 60 Minute Lesson – $45.00 CDN
Per Single 2 Hour Session$85.00 CDN

Methods of Payment currently accepted: E-Transfer (warobert@uniserve.com), Cash, Cheques and PayPal Transfer

To set up some lessons, please email warobert@uniserve.com

Policies and Other Information…

Warren Robert Music Instruction offers high quality music and music-production lessons in an equipped, modern and clean environment.

Payment secures your spot. Once a spot is reserved, it is yours until lesson payments run out (ie. end of term). At which time, you will be given first “dibs” on renewing that time slot.

Warren’s schedule is on a “first come first serve” basis. For potential students wanting a spot, Warren is also keeping a waiting list, if an ideal spot isn’t immediately available, your information will be recorded, and you will be contacted if and when it becomes available.

When a weekly lesson spot is booked for a term (18 lessons), it is understood that this is a reserved and regular time slot and the student should make every effort to attend. You will be charged for missed lessons. There are of course exceptions to this in the case of medical emergencies and similar events. Also, if it is known in advance that a student will be away (family vacation, concert, school event, work trip etc) every attempt will be made to re-schedule the lesson to a makeup time.

Due to the nature of Warren’s performance schedule, he may have to occasionally cancel a lesson. If this occurs, a makeup lesson at the student’s earliest convenience will be offered. If a makeup is not possible by the end of the term, the student will be reimbursed for the cost of the missed lesson.

In the case of a weather cancellation, the lesson will be credited and re-scheduled as a makeup lesson.

The Student should be equipped with their own instrument (amplifiers are provided at the school), any accessories that apply to the individual study of the instrument (capo, slide, picks etc. if applicable), and a binder with loose leaf for notes.

Warren encourages the use of video cameras and recording devices to capture important points and examples at the lessons. It must be understood that any clips are for the personal study only of the student and not to be posted on YouTube or any other Social Media or Video hosting site for public access unless specific permission is granted.

For theory and sight-reading topics, Warren may suggest the purchase of specific textbooks. These books will be readily available at a local music store. Further information will be given as applicable.